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CitizenU is a political club dedicated to mentoring, tutoring and welcoming those who may be new to "inside the Beltway" stories and talk.  Join the 2 Teachers as they help train a new platoon of young citizens.  Learning about the government and politics is, after all, not a class but a lifestyle.  Here at CitizenU our mission is to "train political animals."  It is never 2 late. There is always room 2B an educated citizen.


with Mr. Review
What happened on
this day in history?
These daily lessons can also be found in Instagram @Room 2B and TIK TOK @mrreview

Out with the old, 
and in with the new.
Find all new materials in the Hive
with Mr. Review.
Complete AP GOV Units
remote friendly text, practice, assessments
and unique skill driven exercises.
Just in time...  

Citizens pollinating our future with civic understanding @

Play the new review game HEADS AP.  Prepare for your big government test one word at a time with this brand new fun game.


Let Mr.Review help you get started.


Throw Back Thursday presents a look back at MyCitizenU's favorite videos. Enjoy.

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