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Ralph Waldo Emerson was one of America’s greatest readers, writers and communicators.  To some extent, due to his great influence, we are all one of his students.  He delivered an oration before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Cambridge, Massachusetts in August of 1837 entitled “The American Scholar.”  In this meaningful address, Emerson raised American consciousness.  He chartered a course for the pursuit of greatness, the scholar’s pursuit.  Essential to being a scholar, according to Emerson, is action.  In this class we will all embrace his challenge.  Scholars read, write and speak out.  The end result, of course, is a gateway to vast opportunities.  We as lifelong learners, as scholars, affirm that “ is the ladder by which we try to ascend.”

Room 2B HIVE

In the Room 2B HIVE you will find a complete AP GOV curriculum. That's right - readings, assessments, activities and video enrichment lessons. Did I say FREE? Free. Enjoy.


Making Government TENable

This primer is designed as a stop-gap measure for teachers, students, and citizens who wish to better understand our government and politics through the study of the essential words.  Only a beginning, this primer is meant to facilitate an understanding of the political arena by way of word study.  This is not, however, a mere glossary but both a lexis and a nexus.  The lay-out is didactic.  You will find that we have subdivided this primer in to “The Big Ten” topics of American government and politics.  Corresponding to each topic you will find a cardinal term illuminated by an  additional set of 10 words and activities. Ultimately, every word connects back to the essence of this primer, “With words we govern men.”

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